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Hi all & welcome to my shop! My name is Taniva and I’m the owner and crafting artist of Niva’s Homemade Goods, LLC.  I’m a home based business out of Gresham, Oregon.  


By trade, I am a CMA (certified  medical assistant) and have been for 16 years. Due to a recent motor vehicle accident, I have not been able to work.  However, I am not one to sit idle.  Having nothing but time, I turned to my other passion, crafting.  This was two fold for me as it both helps me with my rehab and it is an alternative source of income.  


I have been crafting, in one way or another, since I can remember.  I love all the crafts; candle making, papercrafts, painting, DIY everything.  You name it, I’ll try it!  I’ve even done a few DIY baby showers and weddings, catering included.  Yes, food is an art too, and a delicious one at that.   


Obviously, I can not sustainably do every craft I’d like to do all the time, so I picked a few of my favorite passions and there you have it: Niva’s Homemade Goods, LLC is born.  My shop is composed of jewelry, greeting cards and will occasionally have other hand crafted items such as sola wood flowers (singles and bouquets), sublimation and resin art.  


Greeting Cards/Sublimation:

I love designing greeting cards and seeing the final project come to life.  Much the same is true with sublimation.  These are also great helpers in singular concentration exercises.  


Jewelry: Jewelry has always been a passion of mine and a big helper in dual focus exercises.  You’ll find many different styles of jewelry, but vintage and BOHO are my main passions. Having two girls also gives me a great audience for testing products and a helping hand when I’m apparently not onto the next fad quick enough.  


Sola Flowers: 

Hand, airbrush and dip painting sola wood flowers along with the vase decorating and flower arranging helps with focused concentration and puts me at ease.  You may see my fur baby patch modeling with some of the completed pieces.  He’s a gem. 


Resin Art: 

When immersing myself in resin art I make charcuterie boards, coasters and the like.  This greatly helps with time management and organization.  I enjoy the creative freedom it brings with the vast possibilities of mix-ins and appliques.


Well, that’s enough about me and my business.  Thank you for stopping by.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to send me a message.  I hope you enjoy(ed) my shop.

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